How to Implement on Shopify

This guide will take you through all the steps for implementing and running Lemin Captcha on a Shopify online store.


First, you should get your Captcha ID and Private Key 

1. Getting Captcha ID

Select a puzzle captcha from your puzzle captchas, then copy your Captcha ID from your puzzle's captcha script source:


Getting Captcha ID

2. Getting Private Key

Your private key is used for verifying Lemin Captcha ownership. You can find your unique private key in the “Account” section of your Lemin dashboard.

Generating JavaScript Code for Captcha


Installation Lemin CAPTCHA Shopify Application

  • Install the Lemin CAPTCHA application from the Shopify App Store to your Shopify store. 
  • Approve the app subscription, or cancel it to only use the free requests.
  • The approved subscription has an initial $100 capped amount, which can be updated in Store Settings >> Apps and sales channels:

Application Setup

Enter your Lemin Private Key, Captcha Id, and the Email address where you want to receive "Contact Us" emails.

Online Store Setup

It is recommended to disable the default CAPTCHA protection of the store.

Remove the default "Contact Us" form and add the Lemin "Contact Us" form to your online store.


Preview Lemin CAPTCHA